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The artist Zilla Leutenegger
Born 1968, Zurich, Switzerland.

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video,

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Little boys dream of being or dressing-up as Zorro: the Spanish version of the fearless noble hero, Robin Hood. Little girls, on the other hand, dream of being fairies, bridesmaids, or princesses...

Zilla Leutenegger was born in Zürich in 1968 and graduated from the University of Art and Design, Zürich in 1999. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, including shows at Studio Massimo de Carlo, Milan; and MAMCO, Musée d'art Moderne et Contemporain, Geneva. Her work has been included in group exhibitions internationally, including ICA, London; the New Museum, New York; and Centre pour l'image Contemporaine, Saint-Gervais, Geneva.

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