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The artist Zheng Guogu
Born 1970, Yangjiang, Guangdong province, China.
Lives and works in Yangjiang.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Photography, Documenta Kassel,

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Zheng Guogu’s sculptural work often combines enduring and imperious materials with unorthodox and fragile substances, the physicality of his forms operating as both tactile and symbolic matter. In Waterfall, melted wax pours over a metal ballast, literally freezing poetry in motion, embedding calligraphy scripts in the pristine fountain. Suggestive of a mountainous landscape, Waterfall is both illusory and monumental, creating an image of cyclical purity, a suspended and harmonious tension between permanence and temporality; its ethereal whiteness in Chinese culture signifies grief and mourning.
Zheng Guogu is one if China’s most versatile contemporary artists. He is driven by ideas rather than media and stands slightly apart from the current surge of interest in contemporary painting from China. Zheng Guogu’s work utilises a wide range of media in order to express the extensive diversity of his ideas…
Overview of Zheng Guogu’s photographic works since 1996 (Zheng Guogu’s ‘calligraphy’ works were presented at ShanghART last year)…
“Ons ideaal is consumeren. Consumeren leidt tot het beter uitspuwen van opgekropt gal.”

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