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The artist Zhang Huan
Born 1965, Yang City, He Nan Province, China.
Lives and works in New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Gwangju Biennale,

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Zhang Huan’s often traumatic performances are memory retrievals, recollections of suffering. For example, a 1994 performance in a public toilet in a rundown area of Beijing referred to the abortions and female infanticides which occurred under the Chinese government’s one child policy…

Three years in making, Donkey was completed in 2006 and was the very first mechanical installation Zhang Huan made after he transferred part of his artistic production from New York back to Shanghai. The artist was both overwhelmed and dismayed by the overbearing and standardized presence of high-rises in the city. He challenged the notion of development and questioned the homogeny of urban transformation by staging this absurd and provocative scene, in which a stuffed donkey is fucking a tilted Jin Mao tower, the foremost landmark in Shanghai and currently the tallest building in China. Known for its extra-sized sexual organ in Chinese culture, the donkey entered the toy-like Jin Mao with an enlarged and stretched steel phallus that moves in and out with a shrill jarring sound when the installation is switched on.

Yokohama Triennale

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