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The artist Yehudit Sasportas
Born 1969, Ashdod, Israel.
Lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Drawing,

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Yehudit Sasportas’ meticulously executed black and white ink drawings of looming trees and scraggy forests, and her stripped-down room installations are at once utterly silent and impenetrable – hers is a still world largely devoid of colour – and full of barely suppressed emotional life…
Yehudit Sasportas has exhibited both in Israel and worldwide. In her works she presents large-scale floor and wall installations exploring nature and hybrids of nature as a metaphor for body organs and as emotional seismo graphs.
‘The Three Trees R+A+Y’
"I’ve always inhabited two worlds" A Conversation with the artist
Sasportas’ exhibition The Carpenter and the "Sasportas sells ‘secrets’ encoded within a beautiful cacophony. Nothing is revealed. Yet we receive an excellent, complex, handsome work that puts all this complexity on trial."

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