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The artist Yang Zhenzhong
Born 1968, Hangzhou, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Venice Biennale,

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Biography and works

Located in the busy city environment of Nanjing Road, Shanghai, Let’s Puff transforms an everyday street scene into a game zone for a young woman, who exhausts herself in her effort to keep the city in motion. Shot with the assistance of a wheelchair and an uncanny sense of timing, the opposing screens of this synchronised video installation create a humorous illusion that unhinges our sense of balance. We are literally caught in the crosswind as the young woman blows the street further and further away in short bursts and puffs, with the street resting temporarily as she catches her breath. The light-hearted irony of Yang Zhenzhong’s work gives us a different perspective on the driving force behind the hustle and bustle of a Chinese street…


The desire to challenge normative notions of social behavior informs the practices of Yang Zhenzhong’s work. He is pre-occupied with China’s intrinsic disharmony and severe contrasts, and he often touches upon taboos such as death and out-grown family patterns…