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The artist Xiang Jing
Born 1968, , China.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Perhaps the most striking aspect of Xiang Jing's sculptures is their expressiveness. They are wistful, critical, languorous, reflective, melancholic - they encompass and embody virtually every human emotion...

2 Works


In Your Body, Xiang presents a gigantic nude. Fabricated from painted fibreglass, the figure is unnerving in detail, her expertly faux finished skin radiating a sickly, waxen pallor. Shorn headed, and slumped on a simple wooden chair, her subjective doll-like presence reflects the epitome of emotional depletion. Towering over the viewer as a goddess-like effigy, her vacant gaze projects downward with oppressive force: her nakedness and vulnerability evoking a self-contemplative reflection of inadequacy, humility and emptiness...