Vladimir Arkhipov | the artist

The artist Vladimir Arkhipov
Born 1967, Ryazan, Russia.
Lives and works in Moscow, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Site specific art,

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For more than a decade, Vladimir Arkhipov has been collecting objects that showcase the ingenuity of ordinary people.

Vladimir Arkhipov travels around Russia and its borders, collecting hundreds of items from ordinary people’s homes and gardens for exhibition in his Museum of the Handmade Object. On finding a suitable contribution, he interviews and records audio or video footage of the object’s creator talking about his or her invention...

Installationview Muhka

Vladimir Arkhipov spent 3 weeks in June of 2006 in Tulla, Co. Clare conducting research for this project. Arkhipov has a single project that he carries out all over the world, under the umbrella title of ‘Museum of the Handmade Object’...