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The artist Vidya Gastaldon
Pseudonym: & Jean-Michel Wicker
Born 1974, Besançon, France.
Lives and works in Geneve, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Jean-Michel Wicker born 1970, Riedisheim, France.

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Ulephant (all works 2006) was one of a large number of French artist Vidya Gastaldon’s framed drawings on paper that lined the walls leading into the main gallery space of Alexandre Pollazzon. Within this work, as with others on show, was a universe located in an ample surround of untouched paper, margin, border and void space that enabled its narrative intertwinings of landscape and base matter – unravelling through the controlled flow of watercolour, candid marks of coloured pencil and isolated line – to remain free-formed and unbound…

<p>To view a work of art by Geneva-based artist Vidya Gastaldon is to view the artist’s pondering of the universe and the nature of consciousness. The potential heaviness of such a densely spiritual exploration is counterbalanced by Gastaldon’s familiar looking style, which borrows from psychedelic art and pop cultural imagery (cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants makes an appearance, for instance).<br /> Her drawings, meandering meditations rendered on plain white backgrounds, consist of fantastical landscapes inhabited by smiley faces and nebulous cloud formations that look like prehistoric protozoa and function as maps for higher levels of consciousness. Gastaldon’s soft sculptures, crafted from wool or recycled textiles, are extensions of her drawings. She makes mountains constructed from showering strands of yarn, fashions hollow woolen rocks, knits a forest floor full of soft, nubby mushrooms or constructs fuzzy and friendly shamans or deities. Her work is at once humorous and transcendent…</p>

Artist’s website

solo exhibition of works by Vidya Gastaldon, entitled, “Stop Believing, Start Knowing.”  The title alludes to something one discovers on the journey through her world, that there is a knowing beyond consciousness. The works consist of various sculptural objects constructed with knotted, woven yarn and fabric, surreal landscapes with watercolor and pencil on paper, and one video/sound installation, all of which explore order and chaos, interconnectedness between inner and outer worlds, transformation germinated by active and counteractive creative intelligences.  Her show speaks to one’s visceral and intuitive sensibilities.

Works online

Gastaldon embroiders, knits, crochets, sews and composes model worlds out of textiles. Through these objects, some of which can be identified as stones, mushrooms or plants, she awakens memories. For example, Baba le Shaman (2002) – an ingenuous monster that is something between a ghost-train figure and an over-sized toy – alludes to a longing for the authentic and the human. In Gastaldon’s work the fetishist quality of hand-made things leads directly to mysticism and spirituality, and her intention is to create objects that have a positive energy. All her works have a life-affirming, optimistic magnetism, are imbued with positive thinking…