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The artist Vesna Mimica
Pseudonym: VEZOMI
Born Apr 26 1950, Santiago, Chile.
Lives and works in Mallorca - Spain, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Vezomi, multimedia artist who creates and uses diferent mediums to communicate her concepts. Studied philosophy, photography, drawing and abstract painting.<br /><br /> For many years she was involved in advertising as a partner in a well know agency en Bogotá, Colombia. <br /><br /> Since 1989 she lives and works in Mallorca Spain where she dedicated exclusively to the visual arts. Since 1995 she had exhibits in Spain, Chile, Germany and Holland, she participated in the graphic workshop "Taller Uno". During 1999 she was the "artist in residence" at the steel factory Salzgitter A.G. in Germany where she produced a series of industrial steel sculptures. Her exhibits in Valladolid and Valencia, Spain during the year 2004 where accompanied by "street actions" under the leifmotif "Consum Art", on 2005 a new installation, ANIMA MUNDI was exhibited in Germany and Mallorca Spain, digital photography, stainless steel, acrylics and reticular plastic where used to created this exhibit.

The last exhibit: ANIMA Mundi