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The artist Valentine Prax
Born 1897, Algiers, Algeria.
Died 1981, , France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Wife of Ossip Zadkine.

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The Parisian beginnings of the painter, Valentine Prax, were difficult as they were for all of us. By nature, the young woman knew how to look at things and her visits to museums taught her very quickly what one must first of all make of oneself and for oneself before working with design and color-to create within oneself a new being, to find within oneself the narrator and accentuate it, to renew the language of the painted object as well as a new method of painting the object; to arm the eyes with new means of seeing and liberating the object; to do away with the apt and photographic description, to accentuate the poetry of the objects for the soul which, like a night-lamp, lights the objects from within and bares the interesting thing hidden within; to choose that which marries best with one’s soul and makes of one an Enchanted World…

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