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The artist Vadim Zakharov
Born 1959, Duschanbe, Georgia, USSR.
Lives and works in Moscow and Koln, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Moscow Conceptualism, Kandinsky Prize,

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Actual mobilography

He is an artist, editor, archivist of Moscow Conceptual art scene, collector. Since 1978 he has been participating in exhibitions of unofficial art and worked in collaboration with Igor Luts, Victor Skersis (SZ group), Sergey Anufriev and others…

Der letzte Spaziergang durch die Elysischen Felder

The author of the project is of the opinion, put forth in Boris Groys’s article ‘Moscow Romantic Conceptualism’( first published in 1979), that the intrigue is seen in the contradiction of these three words (rather than two, as it always seemed), three incompatible notions, creating an inner tension to this day. The word ‘romantic’ and ‘conceptualism’ here are suddenly enforced by the precise geographical indication- ‘Moscow’ (to say ‘New York romantic conceptualism’ would be an absurdity). These three words, from the very start, created the topic of the whole article. It only remains to grasp what exactly caramel and a botanical garden have to do with this.