Trenton Doyle Hancock | the artist

The artist Trenton Doyle Hancock
Born 1974, Oklahoma City, OK, USA.
Lives and works in Houston, Texas, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Collage, Prospect New Orleans,

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Harmony from The Ossified Theosophied

If you look at the grouping of the stories and belief systems that I learned from growing up, I wanted to take them apply them to my own art project based around a series of myths and symbols…

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Painter and Loid Struggle for Soul Control-it’s hard to imagine a more intriguing title. Who are Painter and Loid? Whose soul is at stake and why? Does this wildly pieced together, wall-bound explosion of mostly castoff materials provide answers? Trenton Doyle Hancock creates allegorical assemblages whose teeming surfaces and jumbled imagery play out the complex dramas of a unique personal mythology…