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The artist Tina Barney
Born 1945, New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Photography - Documentary,

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Barney has a strong eye for the family tableau: children sprawled over the furniture in a formal parlor, shirtless and tan adult brothers tending the barbecue, young cousins in matching double-breasted jackets, Aunt Shirley in a floral dress in the center of a flower-wallpapered room.

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American artist Tina Barney has photographed her family and friends in their leisure-class surroundings for 20 years...

2 Works

Jill and the T.V

Marina's Room

American photographer Tina Barney is best known for her portraits of the American upper-classes, the milieu in which she grew up. She began taking pictures when she was a bored housewife and 25 years later her work is renowned all over the world, as a kind of Diane Arbus of the rich...