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The artist Timur Novikov
Born Sept 24 1958, Leningrad, Russia.
Died May 23 2002 Leningrad.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Soviet Nonconformism, Writing,

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Biography and portrait
Wenn Kunst sich erschlösse wie, das Königreich im Märchen, dann brauchten wir nur Timurs Wink zu folgen, um die drei obliegenden Rätsel zu lösen: er nennt sie Schönheit, Heiterkeit und Mühelosigkeit…
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An important aspect of the activity of the “New Artists”1 was their theorical activity. Many of the works produced by the “New Artists” in the fields of music, theatre, painting and literature possessed a clearly defined theoretical basis. One of the fundamental elements was the theory of recomposition, a theory which was published in the form of several articles by the critic Potapov2 in our art-theorical journal “Novost”. One could say that the theory of recomposition arose out of articles printed in journal during the years 1982-1984. What is this theory?…

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