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The artist Tim Eitel
Born 1971, Leonberg, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: New Leipzig School, Painting,

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Eitel creates works that are art historically informed and stylistically sophisticated, yet extremely accessible. Eitel’s technical command of the craft of painting is impressive, as are his visual references to film, photography, and modern painting. The legacy of Gerhard Richter’s photorealist work is discernible in Eitel’s paintings, as is Richard Diebenkorn’s use of the human figure in abstracted spaces. Eitel himself counts Caspar David Friedrich, Edouard Manet, Barnett Newman, Jeff Wall, and Thomas Demand among his influences.

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Tim Eitel's medium is figurative painting, of which he is an exceptionally gifted master. His motifs include people in everyday situations, abandoned buildings and garbage containers in seemingly completely empty spaces. A common feature of these paintings is that they center on people and human activity, but Eitel achieves this so undramatically that the viewer merely has a sense of something intangible going on between the brushstrokes. A silent dynamism.


Die Malerei von Tim Eitel (*1971 in Leonberg) ist eine Malerei der kleinen Gesten, der unspektakulären Details und der scheinbar alltäglichen Beobachtungen. Seine Bilder zeigen einzelne Figuren, kleine Personengruppen oder Objekte, die in abstrakt wirkende Farbfelder eingebettet sind. Seitdem der Künstler um das Jahr 2000 mit kühlen, streng graphisch komponierten Figurenbildern für Aufsehen sorgte, zählt er zu den viel beachteten Stars der jungen Malerei-Szene...

German artist Tim Eitel (b. 1971) likes to play with realism when combining a skilled technique with a photographic picture universe. His paintings are accurate and at the same time resembling a traditional still life with symbolic implication. A silky grey background is one of Eitel’s distinctive marks. Eitel often uses his own photographs as inspiration to the motifs integrated in the dim and abstract spaces...

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