Tilo Baumgartel | the artist

The artist Tilo Baumgartel
Born 1972, Dresden, Germany.
Lives and works in Leipzig.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Die Bilder des Leipziger Malers Tilo Baumgärtel zeigen narrative Szenerien voller Querverweise und unwirklicher Atmosphären….
Tilo Baumgartel’s work has a dreamlike quality – strange surreal scenarios are played out in imaginary landscapes that seem frozen in time.
Tilo Baumgartel’s paintings have an air of fairytale about them. Suspended in space and time, his strange scenes unfold with wondrous uncertainty, suggesting fragmented dreamy narratives of his own invention…
Die Bilder des Leipziger Malers TILO BAUMGÄRTEL zeigen narrative Szenerien voll eigentümlicher Querverweise und unwirklicher Athmosphäre…

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