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The artist Thomas Wrede
Born 1963, Letmathe, Westfalen, Germany.
Lives and works in Munster, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Die Fotoserie Domestic Landscapes ist in Privatwohnungen entstanden. Thomas Wrede hat Fototapeten in Wohn- und Schlafräumen, in Badezimmern und Fluren in verschiedenen Haushalten abgelichtet...

… In “Strange Paradise” Thomas Wrede once more proves his mastery of subtle, visual image-puzzles, piecing together reality and design. The wondrous, reflective arrangement of landscape fragments into more-than-real model sceneries contrasts with coastal landscapes that appear to be lost in reverie. Miniature, romantic worlds of images appear simultaneously foreign and familiar. The lack of size references creates, without any digital manipulation, optical deceptions that leave one's perception swimming… rolling…wandering...

Beach, 2004