Terence Koh | the artist

The artist Terence Koh
Pseudonym: Asianpunkboy
Born 1977, Beijing, China.
Lives and works in Beijing, Los Angeles and Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Athens Biennale,

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In his work, Terence Koh mobilizes seduction, lust and desire. These moments exemplify a strategy that integrates a queer, polymorphously perverse approach into art production. The meaning produced by his objects is tightly interwoven with both private narration and a wide range of subcultural fields of association. Koh frequently employs trivial materials, which are then transformed in the artistic process and transposed into an almost classical aesthetic…

Terrence Koh’s sculptures are born of queer youth culture and luxurious decadence. Exuding a magnetic sensuality, These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Drums is an object of obsession, its ebony coils trailing with enticement, visually echoing waves of noise. Luring with its swarthy depths, …Black Drums creates a suggestive void: of memory and fantasy, drawing connotations of art history, gothic subculture, and fetish gear. Using raw materials of cloth, metal, and plaster, Koh’s sculpture beacons with tactility, mirroring yearning and loss as physical desire.

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