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The artist Tal R
Born 1967, Israel.
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Land and Environmental, Carnegie Art Award,

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I constantly have this hot-pot boiling and I throw all kinds of material into it’ Tal R
Tal Rís paintings have a hippy-trippy feel about them, a crafty flash-back to the 60’s. Wilfully child-like, his work is infused with a bygone esteem of innocence, often incongruous with the sophistication of his adult subject matter. Permeated with dark undertones, Tal Rís home-brew designs and clumsy ham-fisted depictions evoke a sense of lost beguilement…
The art of Tal R, a Danish painter and environmental artist, defies concepts and definition. His work tests the viewersí desire to recognise objects and things…
Interview with the artist (in Danish)

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