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The artist Taiyo Kimura
Born 1970, Kamakura, Japan.

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Kimura’s DVD "Typical Japanese English" (2005) is a riveting series of vignettes intercut with
found footage of a televised match of the Japanese game of Go. The poignant images (such
as the above-referenced cat-in-mouth) include food being tossed into a washing machine
(and set to "wash cycle"); the artist’s mouth in close-up in the guise of a slot machine
spitting out a jackpot’s worth of quarters (and spittle); and perhaps the most salient of the
images, another close-up on Kimura’s mouth, now stuffed with a raw fish…

… The heightened aggression and the cramped conditions of life in the large cities finally form the base of Taiyo Kimura’s works in which the vulnerability of the individual among the crowd often is looked at with a sense of black humour.
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