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The artist Tadasu Takamine
Born 1968, Kagoshima, Japan.
Lives and works in Ogaki, Gifu, Japan, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Digital Art,

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Meeting with the Video Work “Kimura-San”

In Tadasu Takamine's computer video, God bless America, a clay sculpture grows and mutates as a man and woman frenetically rebuild the sculpture, and eat, sleep, entertain, write and copulate. ..

Although he leaves us with some hint of a self-conscious understanding of the inherent limitations of gallery art's ability to manifest grand social change, I saw no reason not to take these new works in mixed media at face value. Takamine, an ever-adventurous and dexterous multi-media-ist, is here making a daring foray into cutting-edge environmental science, exploring a variety of modest visual schemes and promotional strategies to champion the supercapacitor and the implicit environmental values that stand behind its selection as the exhibition's raison d'être.

Tadasu Takamine lives and works in Tokyo. Selected solo exhibitions include Review, Takahashi Collection, Tokyo, 2005; A Lover from Korea, NPO Tanba Manganese Memorial, Kyoto, 2003; Do what you want if you want as you want, Kodama Gallery, Osaka, 2001...

God bless America