Susan Philipsz | the artist

The artist Susan Philipsz
Born 1965, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
Lives and works in Belfast and Berlin, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, skulptur projekte munster, Sydney Biennale, Turner Prize, Sound Art,

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Philipsz uses her own voice to create uniquely evocative sound installations that play upon and extend the poetics of specific, often out-of-the-way spaces.

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Works and biography

Susan Philipsz in Tesco Metro, Bethnal Green, where she sang to shoppers over the PA system…

In her works, Susan Philipzs uses sound, often her own voice. The point of departure for many of her works is a well-known pop or folk song. Philipz’s audio installations are usually realised in a specific location. The artist places her works in public places, such as bus stations, underpasses or museums…

"With my work I am trying to bring an audience back to their environment, not the opposite. What I am trying to do is make you aware of the place you are in while heightening your own sense of self."

I recorded myself rubbing the rims of whine glasses. Each pitch was determined by the water leve. There were 4 speakers, a different sound from each speaker. The sounds slowly fluctuated around the space. At the opening reception all the lights were turned off to give the appearance of the gallery being abandoned. Only the light from the river illuminated the gallery and a Robert Barry text on the wall…

An aria sounding from under the Torminbrücke at Lake Aa: Susan Philipsz sings “Lovely night, oh night of love, smile upon our joys!”, the barcarole from Jaques Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann…