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The artist Singh Twins
Pseudonym: Amrit and Rabindra Singh
Born 1966, London, UK.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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“Our work bridges many worlds, the ancient and the modern; fusing both Western and Eastern aesthetics elements, using a traditional art form to deal with contemporary issues. Our aim is to introduce wider audiences to the beauty, richness and continuing value of tradition within contemporary art and society.”

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<p>London born twin sisters Amrit and Rabindra are contemporary British artists of<br /> International standing whose award winning paintings have been acknowledged as<br /> constituting a unique genre in British Art and for initiating a new movement in the<br /> revival of the Indian miniature tradition within modern art practice. Describing their<br /> work as Past - Modern (as opposed to Post Modern), their work engages with<br /> important areas of critical debate - challenging existing stereotypes and redefining<br /> generally accepted, narrow perceptions of heritage and identity in art and society…</p>

The Singh Twins employ traditional techniques used in Indian miniature painting to produce vibrant, exquisitely-detailed paintings that are a joy to explore. Some of the paintings are by a single twin – others are produced in tandem, with both painting simultaneously. The exhibition features works from the past seventeen years, as well as some new pieces…

<p>The art of Amrit and Rabindra Singh draws on the Indian miniature tradition, combining elements from Western and Eastern aesthetics to create a unique genre within British Art practice which challenges <br /> existing stereotypes in contemporary art and seeks to redefine generally accepted, narrow perceptions of heritage and identity…</p>

A conversation with the twin sisters Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh who call London home, and time spent browsing their artwork online was enough to highlight the unique power of the artist within society. We drive on the right side of the road, pay our taxes on time, tend to our yards, and live a pretty orderly existence, adhering to many dictates…

Among the figures disembarking from the ship are Mahatma Gandhi, Indian veterans of the two World Wars and the artists’ grandmother and father. The Twins appear at bottom right wearing the official Singh tartan. Almost in the middle of the composition is the prominent suffragette, Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. The photograph from which this image derives, is in the Museum’s suffragette collection. The picture also draws parallels between the Indian War of Independence and the current War on Terror…