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The artist Shirley Wiitasalo
Born 1949, Toronto, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Shirley Wiitasalo
I have a lot of fun playing with tentativeness. I can barely see it myself. In a small painting, the mark is very direct, as if I were nailing down the shifting colours Ö Iím dancing between these almost extremes: itís this repertoire I can play withÖ

Shirley Wiitasalo
Wiitasaloís colour choices are generally restricted to a narrow range within each work; they create interest without being obvious, and complexity without muddiness. The effort of creating the work is not apparent, and anyone who has tried to make a painting that does not show the strain of its creation knows that this is not easily done…

Shirley Wiitasalo
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