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The artist Shahin Afrassiabi
Born 1963, Teheran, Iran.
Lives and works in Britain.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Aladogan translates her fascination with nature and architecture into the use of traditional materials and modern-day techniques in two and three-dimensional works. In her own words the artist describes her choice of materials as a ‘state of mind’, where the properties and constraints of the medium help to determine the content of the work. Her 2009 work ‘Backbone ‘Spearhead’, for instance, combines a drawing of the torso of a Native American with a photograph of Bryce Canyon. Aladogan has put razor-sharp shapes all over it with red tape. Her work contains stratification not only in material but also in meaning. She intertwines memories, feelings and events that lead to a complex pictorial language, so that her interpretation of reality produces images with several layers of meaning…

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