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The artist Serkan Ozkaya
Born 1973, Istanbul, Turkey.
Lives and works in Istanbul.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Performance Art, Istanbul Biennial,

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It was ÷zkayas desire to experience Michelangelos statue of David first hand, a work of art that he refers to as the most precious man made object that motivated him to make the ultimate copy, a larger than life replica of the original. ÷zkaya has only ever encountered tourist-bought ornaments and a range of two-dimensional reproductions of David. This situation lead him to propose that such iconic works no longer exist in reality as originals, they have become verbal legends, all about the replicas, the copies, the reconstructions and the fakes…
Proletariat aller welt
"Bring Me The Head Of…" is the name of a dish conceived by ÷zkaya that will be incorporated into the restaurant’s menu by Freemansí chef Jean Adamson. The dish is the artwork: formed into the shape of a head of an icon of childhood, cooked, served and eaten by patrons of the restaurant…
Serkan ÷zkaya’dan DŁnyanin En BŁyŁk Karma Sergisi

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