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The artist Serene Greene
Born Oct 11 1955, Oregon, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Organic Abstraction,

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

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URBAN MYTH SERIES-  paintings include hints of
manuscripts ,architectural elements and textures of cities.  I am
seeking, not to express this literal world, instead, capturing the
essence of the experience. Created with successive layers of texture
and colour; fusing techniques of classic painting, collage and
sculpture, they are a visual metaphor of aesthetic elements and a  
synthesis of techniques and mediums. They reflect my personal painterís
philosophy , that art should contain a mystery to be unraveled and take
the viewer to a new place or introduce a new way of seeing the world.
In my interpretation, I strive for a contrast between representation and
abstraction preferring the ethereal moods that exist between.

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