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The artist Sanford Biggers
Born 1970, Los Angeles, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Prospect New Orleans,

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William H. Johnson Prize 2009

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Dressed in a suit and tie, Sanford Biggers entered a Chicago diner teeming with businesspeople. Briefcases in hand, they exchanged small talk and serious nods. Biggers clung to his own briefcase while slowly taking a seat, alone, at the counter to order breakfast…

Sanford Biggers’ Selected Works, Biography, and Press

Drawing from a diverse range of sources - including Eastern spiritualism, black vernacular expression, 1970s process art, urban culture, and technology, Biggers’ work seamlessly blends contemporary hip-hop expressions with the ancient principles of Buddhism…

A small world.

An important motivation for artist Sanford BiggersÂ’ work is travel and the resulting integration of aesthetics and traditions of various cultures into his art…

A native of Los Angeles, California and a resident of New York, Sanford Biggers creates multi-disciplinary artworks that integrate film/video installation, sculpture, music and performance. Influenced by his experiences in the United States, Europe and Japan, and by Buddhism, hip-hop and urban culture, BiggersÂ’ work is known for its combination of meditative rigor and improvisatory edge…