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The artist Rudolf Stingel
Born 1956, Merano, Italy.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting,

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Saatchi gallery: Though Rudolph Stingel’s work isn’t presented on traditional canvases he is a painter in the purest sense. Through his instructional photographs and installations, his work explores the essence of making, gesture, and expression through questioning authenticity and authorship. Often inviting the audience to interact with his work, Stingel promulgates the artistic process, allowing his artworks to develop as public ‘collaborations’. Through reconsidering the appreciation of aesthetics as a relational experience, Stingel challenges ideas of cultural hierarchy, modes of production, and the mythology of the artist...

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This survey of the work of Rudolf Stingel highlights the artist's highly original process of creating art. Asking the viewer to participate in his work, Stingel examines this collaborative act which involves first the making of the artwork and then the perception of the finished artwork...

Rudolf Stingel's Conceptual paintings and site-specific installations deconstruct, in order to popularize, the processes of making art...