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The artist Rose Nolan
Born 1959, Melbourne, Australia.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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In Rose Nolan’s works, the alphabet of letters becomes an alphabet of forms. The Bauhaus proposed a tripartite set of square, triangle and circle as basic forms for all creative workers: history has shown that it was too simple to apply except in clinical circumstances, and that the forms also came with metaphysical baggage…


Lime Green Constructed One

Why Do We Do The Things We Do—a look at Nolan’s current work in mid-career where text is now everywhere apparent—is also an occasion for considering her practice overall within a wider history after almost a quarter century of exhibiting. Many commentators have noted Nolan’s sense of vocation as an artist, stressing that this fact of ‘being an artist’ constitutes to some extent the raison d’etre of her practice as well as,  in the compulsive manufacture of work, the stuff of it.5 To which we might reply: what is vocation but a choice of action, delimited and maintained by excluding other paths or approaches? In hewing to this path, Nolan’s choice of references for her earliest work, specifically constructivism and suprematism, continues to offer ways to understand her practice today…

Australian artist Rose Nolan has been painting words onto walls, pennants, banners, and cardboard for 20 years. Her work is playful and oscillates between confident and self-deprecating, as well as bold and humble. Some seem to refer to herself and her reflections on what is art and what it is to be an artist…