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The artist Ron Simpkins
Born June 20th 1942, Montreal, Canada.
Lives and works in Montreal, Canada, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

Canadian Post impressionist landscape Artist, Specializing in Oil painting. Proffesional career for over 40 years in fine art painting. See Sutherby’s art aution catalogues for reference 86-87 toronto. Publisher Revival Designs.

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Born In Montreal, Canada 1942, Ron Simpkins began at the young age of seven a dream that would lead him on a path few traveled by professional Canadian landscape artists...

"What I try to create is the energy and vibrations of light as nature as my guide to give people a feeling as uplifting as light itself. To me light is god whoever or whatever that may be."

Information 3: Art Space 2000 - artists promotional site ranked number 4 art website in the world.