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The artist Roger Hiorns
Born 1975, Birmingham, England.
Lives and works in London UK.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Athens Biennale,

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Roger Hiorns makes works of art whose particular aesthetic lies somewhere between the representational and non-representational, and so disrupts our expectations of the boundaries between them. His sculptures have a seemingly straightforward, functional material presence, but this is always combined with an element which provides a sense of the imaginary, the poetic or the esoteric. The tension between these two aspects is a vital part of Hiorns’ work…
The sculptures explore the transformation of material and the intersection of the abstract and the literal. A number of Hiorns’s works include immaterial and impermanent media such as fire, soap, or perfume – and its related scent…
Many works online
object sculptures and engine works
Hiorns belongs to a tradition of British sculptors who convey a compelling understanding of material and form…

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