Robert Gober | the artist

The artist Robert Gober
Born 1954, Wallinhford, Connecticut, USA.
Lives and works in New York City.

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It’s a conversation that offers a revealing glimpse into the process of re-creating material facts from the everyday world and, subsequently, learning to recognize the possible meanings embedded within his highly personal, deeply idiosyncratic archeology of contemporary life.
Works in the Tate collection
Robert Gober is a uniquely American artist. His images evolve from our everyday domestic lives and are transformed into haunting objects that live in the twilight separating the actual from the dreamed. In his sculptures, the ordinary becomes slightly strange, and a subtle dose of unease is injected into the mundane…
The ambivalence that Gober’s sculptures inspire, and the richness of the fantasies they are capable of stirring in individual viewers, are a function of their extraordinary ordinariness…

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