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The artist Robert Arneson
Born 1930, Benicia, California, USA.
Died Nov 4 1992, San Francisco, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,


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Robert Arneson (1930-1992), one of America's most original, witty and iconoclastic artists, is recognized for his pivotal role in establishing ceramics as a vital medium for contemporary figurative sculpture. Arneson is also familiar to many The Contemporary Museum visitors. His monumental sculpture Temple of Fatal Laffs is installed on the museum grounds near the café, and his work has been shown in previous exhibitions at the museum, including works from Hawaii collections in 1994 and self-portraits in 2000, as well as several exhibitions drawn from the museum's collection, which also contains his sculptures Doyen and Up Against It. Several Arneson drawings were donated to the museum by his widow, Sandra Shannonhouse, last year...

Unlike other contemporary works, Arneson's artwork made a statement that was monumental in creating a permanent fixture in American art...

7 Works online

Francis Bacon, from the series Five Guys