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The artist Rajinder Singh
Born Dec 17 1964, Ipoh, Malaysia.
Lives and works in Singapore, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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My art practice is based on the wonder of mathematics. I
am motivated by the aesthetics of elegant mathematics now in my art as I
was as a mathematician in my past.

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International multicultural artist Rajinder Singh's portfolio of large format paintings and illustrations exhibit a fresh new style of the abstract narrative genre. Rajinder has devoted his life and his art to the unassailable phenomena of the 'number-fingers' as they grapple for a ruled victory over the analog.

Rajinder’s extensive background in mathematics and art are the driving force behind his successful art practice. “I brainstorm about the mysteries, mechanics and mathematics of life and the universal rule of nature thru my art.” This, along with his international upbringing, shapes the core message he delivers thru his meticulously crafted paintings. Rajinder will be exhibiting his paintings in New York, France, Malaysia, Argentina,Singapore, Korea and India between now and June 2008.

Visual artist, Rajinder Singh, lives and works in Singapore. He has been painting since an early age and won the first accolade for his work at the age of 12. Rajinder was recently selected as the top 20 emerging artists from Asia by a juried competition in Hong Kong (Tiger Translate). He will be showing in London, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, New York and Argentina in 2008. Rajinder has had a successful academic career with five academic degrees including a PhD in Engineering Mathematics. His background in Mathematics is the driving force behind his successful art practice. Rajinder hosts a popular Singapore art blog (<a href="http://sightoracle.blogpsot.com">http://sightoracle.blogpsot.com</a>) which runs a commentary on the South Asia art scene with reviews, interviews and philosophical discourses and has been the unofficial site for the Singapore Biennale 2006. His work has been shown in contemporary, international art portals such as SPUNK and DUUDLE and has been described as modern and carries a message of change. Rajinder is presently doing his postgraduate studies in Philosophy of Art. He is also the artist ambassador for the super-premium wine from Tuscany, Cappannell, and a winner of the highly sought after Marina Mandarin artist residency program in Singapore. Major patrons of the artist are Farouk Khan of Malaysia, Baron Gonzalve Bich (of BIC conglomerate) and Franck Duboeuf (of George Duboeuf wines). He is represented by the prestigious Artfolio@ Raffles, Gajah and Pace galleries in South Asia.