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The artist Qiu Jie
Born 1961, Shanghai, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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Saatchi Gallery.<br />Qiu’s Portrait of Mao is a humorous play on words: “mao” means “cat” in Chinese. In traditional Chinese painting, an image of a cat holds special significance. Often coupled with a butterfly (to create “mao-di” or “long life”), it can be used to bestow a blessing. Rendered with the pastoral detail and calligraphy inscription of Song Dynasty masterworks, Qiu’s drawing takes equal inspiration from eastern philosophies of beauty and wisdom and the kitsch populism of western artists such as Cassius Coolidge (of Dogs Playing Poker fame). Meticulously drafted in lead on paper, Qiu’s sentimental homage offers a surrealist vision that’s alchemically toxic, and seductively coy.

Almost every artist draws and sketches at some time. But many drawings and sketches are forgotten, dismissed or thrown away. They are drafts, preliminaries. However, under the hands of artist Qiu Jie, drawings are large, magnificent artworks of dignity, detail and power...

Qiu Jie (1961, Chine, vit à Genève) est installé en Suisse depuis dix ans. Il crée des dessins de très grande dimension, composés de feuilles juxtaposées les unes aux autres...

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