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The artist Pinot Gallizio
Born 1902, Alba, Piedmont, Italy.
Died 1964, Alba, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Situationism International, Sydney Biennale,

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Guiseppe Pinot-Gallizio

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Manifesto of Industrial Painting: For a unitary applied art


In Praise of Pinot-Gallizio

<p>...Most often it is where confusion and decadence have been pushed to the extreme, where their social and economic importance is asserted the most, that one should expect to see the negation of this decadence emerge. Gallizio is accordingly Italian.<br /> Aware of the problems that truly affect us, in this interregnum between civilizations in which we find ourselves caught, Gallizio forsakes painting – whether respectably figurative or abstract, or action painting, and in any case as modern as in 1930. He extends it into other realms, all the realms on which he touches with an extraordinary inventive spirit. They follow one another in succession and are called chemical experiments, resins, resin painting, scented painting. In 1955, Gallizio was one of the founders of the Experimental Laboratory of the Imaginist Bauhaus…</p>