Philippe Pastor | the artist

The artist Philippe Pastor
Born 1961, , Monaco.
Lives and works in Monaco, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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One day I changed my life, my way of life, my frequentations, and usual places and the painting came along all by itself. I believe that painting is one of the qualities of which I had in me but which I had never developed. One beautiful morning I began drawing, drawing as I drew when I was a child. I began wanting to experiment with the colours and to advance.

“I saw the fire burning down the mountain. I cannot resign myself to such destruction and I don’t want to forget it. Looking at such mutilated nature, I am horrified and feel a deep feeling of rebellion towards the authors of this disfigurement… This scene of desolation is nothing but a mirror of our society.”


Philippe is a self-taught painter far from university techniques. His work navigates between the pain of an individual who became a painter and the drama of a destructive humanity. To release this incorporated violence, he decided to paint the roots of human nature, by choosing the moment of the fall, when people abandon themselves to their destiny and misfortune once and for all. Art is the international language and Pastor's paintings are the interpreters of the world that is a stage. With their strong colors and their rough forms, they always describe moments in life.