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The artist Peter Kogler
Born 1959, Innsbruck, Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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The wall installation in the west wing of Danube University Krems was realised by Peter Kogler and Marcus Geiger in connection with the opening of the Department for Cultural Studies...

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Peter Kogler (born 1959 in Innsbruck, lives in Vienna) is among the internationally most successful Austrian artists of his generation. Despite invitations to participate in numerous prestigious exhibitions of the last decade - the Venice Biennale (1995) or the documenta in Kassel (1992 and 1997), for example - there has been no comprehensive presentation of his work until now...

One of the first artists to work with the computer, Peter Kogler’s motifs occupy architectural spaces, inner and outer walls. In his diversely encoded staging of space he draws from the rich vocabulary of modern digital information and communications technologies or from film architecture...

Peter Kogler's art lies in the creation of architectural spaces that are situated between the real and fictive worlds...