Pepon Osorio | the artist

The artist Pepon Osorio
Born 1955, Santurce, Puerto Rico.
Lives and works in Philadelphia, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Alpert Award for Visual Arts,

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<p>En la barbería no se llora (No crying allowed in the barber shop) and other works </p>

Pepón Osorio’s objects and installations pulsate with energy and vitality. They are typically embellished with plastic toys, baubles, sequins, elaborate fabrics, and other industrially produced materials in colors not found in nature…


The artist with the biggest heart in town is Pepon Osorio. I am not even referring to his big paper-covered heart sculpture, My Beating Heart, one of three older pieces showcased right now at Taller Puertorriqueno.  I am talking about Osorio himself.

Osorio makes his assemblages from found objects. His artworks are flamboyant, covered with plastic trinkets from toy stores and souvenir shops…