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The artist Paul Feeley
Born 1910, Vermont, USA.
Died 1966, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Post Painterly Abstraction,

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Paul Feeley’s paintings are characterized by bright colors; simple, abstract forms; and symmetrically arranged compositions. Clement Greenberg included Feeley’s work in his exhibition Emerging Talent at the Kootz Gallery in 1954, alongside artists such as Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, and Feeley is often associated with the Color Field painters. His work is distinct from theirs, however, in its classical rigor and in its use of forms derived from ancient Greek architecture, Moorish tiles, and Middle Eastern decoration, among other sources. His first important one-man exhibition was held at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in 1955 and from 1960 onwards, Betty Parsons, who held nine exhibitions of Feeley’s work at her gallery, championed his work…