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The artist Paul Etienne Lincoln
Born 1959, London, England.
Lives and works in New York City, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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The complex, elaborate works by Paul Etienne Lincoln can take as long as a decade to create and explore diverse themes in nature, history and ancient mythology...

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Biennale of Sydney (video)

Eine Kunstmaschine von Paul Etienne Lincoln

His work has been exhibited in Europe and North America since 1981 when he was included in Young Contemporaries at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Lincoln’s international solo exhibitions include, Ignisfatuus, at the The Conservatory, David Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland (1996), The Enigma of Marie Taglioni, at the St. PaulinusKirche in Catterick, England (Henry Moore Institute) (1999), Ignisfatuus, at Alexander and Bonin, New York (2000), The World and Its Inhabitants, Christine Burgin, New York (2000), and The Metropolis of Metaphorical Intimations: New York new York/Die Berliner Zuckerbärin, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin.