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The artist Patrick Tosani
Born 1954, Boissy L' Aillerie, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Photography,

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Exhibition Patrick Tosani: From 02 April To 19 June 2011, Centre photographique d’Ile de France.
From his first works in the 1980s, Patrick Tosani has gradually become established as one of the most important French artists of his generation. To stand in front of images by the photographer and visual artist is a real experience – one that is generally reserved for apprehending sculpture. Offering a distinctive spatial relationship, Patrick Tosani’s work forms a “lively proposal, constantly recycled by the viewer.”

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Since the early 1980s, Tosani has developed numerous series of large color photographs. Each of these series is mnade up of precisely cropped close-ups of slightly varying examples of one type of object. Interesting yet mundane items like fingernails, spoons, scalps, drum skins, levels, shoe heels, circuits, and the soles of feet have all served him as subjects. Tosani documents these objects on a scale and with a typological exactitude that renders them extraordinary...


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Large-scale, close-range color photographs of everyday objects by contemporary French photographer Patrick Tosani emphasized the enigmatic beauty of the mundane while questioning the nature of photographic representation and how we misread or misinterpret what we see...