Pamela Drapala | the artist

The artist Pamela Drapala
Born USA.
Lives and works in Southwestern USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

With a passionate and well-crafted line, Pamela Carvajal
Drapala paints faces. She depicts the wholeness of a personís being
through a careful study of that personís life. Her paintings portray a
dignified ethnicity in her subjects. Before painting a person, she
conducts thorough research into the personís country, customs and
costume. Through this investigation she accentuates the individuality
and fullness of her subjects. Her portraits are a collection of multi-cultural
identities. At times, however, she works completely from intuition,
letting her portraits take shape from her subconscious. In these
instances, her work may resemble old acquaintances or lost loved ones.
Since childhood in the Southwestern USA, Drapala has studied painting
with a concentration in portraiture. As a constant creative spirit, she
also writes poetry. She currently lives and works in the Southwest,
where her Farm Workers Series sold, a total of seven paintings. In
addition, her work has been commissioned by individuals across the U.S.

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