Paddy Bedford | the artist

The artist Paddy Bedford
Pseudonym: Nyunkuny; Kuwumji
Born 1922, Bedford Downs Station, Australia.

Style and technique of the artist: Traditional Aboriginal Art, Painting,

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When young he worked as a stockman for the usual tea, flour and tobacco on old Greenvale and Bow River Stations before returning to work on Bedford Downs. He and his family left Bedford Downs and moved to Warmun (Warrmarn - Turkey Creek) when Basil Quilty, nephew of Paddy Quilty killed all the camp dogs...

Nyunkuny, commonly known by his nick name "Kuwumji" and also by his "gardiya" name Paddy Bedford, is a Gija law man of Jawalyi skin who was born at Bedford Downs Station in the East Kimberley around 1922. A couple of years before his birth, a group of his Gija relations had been murdered by strychnine poisoning in retaliation for the killing of one milking cow near Mt King, an emu dreaming place to the west...

Two women looking at the Bedford Downs massacre burning place

It was an emotional occasion, witnessed by the 80-something-year-old artist from a wheelchair, but looking as dapper and cool as an elderly Blues Brother in a navy pinstripe suit, black fedora and shades...

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