Oda Projesi | the artist

The artist Oda Projesi
Born 1997, Galata, Turkey.

Style and technique of the artist: Istanbul Biennial,

Özge Açikkol 1976; Günes Savas 1975; Seçil Yersel 1973

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Oda Projesi was given a start in 1997 in Galata, an
old neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey. The project is
still based in Istanbul, now with ties to other
locations nationwide as well as worldwide…

Image (with the artists)

Oda Projesi is an artist collaborative based in Istanbul, Turkey initiated by three women artists: Özge Acikkol, Günes Savas and Secil Yersel.
Oda Projesi means “Room Project” and employs thinking of the different usages of the “room”: finding a way to combine the daily life and art practices…

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