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The artist Niagara Detroit
Born Aug 23 1956, Detroit, USA.
Lives and works in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Lowbrow,

The very definition of an art diva.

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Niagara Detroit
The first time I saw Niagara, was with the band DAM at “The Chance’‘ in Ann Arbor, where she bit me on the top of the head ! At a couple of later shows in Detroit, (at Bookies and at the Red Carpet), she jumped off stage and danced with me. That was probably the biggest boost to my ego in my life at that point. However, when I jumped onstage to dance with her at a later show at Todd’s, she whirled me around and literally kicked me offstage with such force that I had a bruise that lasted for weeks.
Apparently Niagara has just such a like-hate relationship with local artists. On the one hand, take her continued presence in the area, when she obviously can afford to move elsewhere, this is proof positive that one doesn’t have to move to New York in order to be successful in the art world…

Niagara Detroit interview
Niagara Detroit is an iconic figure in both lowbrow art and punk music. Her gritty style captures the essence of the Motor City. She was featured in an art show at Hibbleton earlier this year, alongside other Detroit artists William Zdan, Matt Gordon, and SLAW. Here is an exclusive interview with Niagara.

Niagara Detroit

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