Murayama Tomoyoshi | the artist

The artist Murayama Tomoyoshi
Born Jan 18 1901, Tokyo, Japan.
Died March 22 1977, Tokyo, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Writing,

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He coined this method ‘conscious constructivism’, which was known as MAVO. The “Mavoists” sought to eliminate the boundaries between art and daily life, and rebelled against convention by combining industrial products with painting or printmaking in a collage. Protests against social injustice were portrayed by use of theatrical eroticism, which also mocked public morality...

After leaving Tokyo University in 1922, Tomoyoshi studied philosophy in Berlin, where he became acquainted with constructivism and the Bauhaus. On his return, he became a critic for social reform and the new art. In spite of great pressure from the security police, he continued to draw for Kodomo no kuni until 1935...