Mordecai Ardon | the artist

The artist Mordecai Ardon
Born July 13 1896, Tuchow, Poland.
Died June 18 1992, Jerusalem, Israel.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting, Documenta Kassel,

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Mordechai Eliezer Bronstein /Max Bronstein

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<p>The painter who added a new<br /> dimension to contemporary, <br /> abstract art, employing the colours <br /> and techniques of the Old Masters</p>

One of the giants of Israeli art who was also a major European artist. Trained at the Bauhaus, he began exhibiting with the Berlin November Group in 1928. Among his teachers had been Klee, Kandinsky and Feininger.


As an immigrant to Palestine in 1933, Mordecai Ardon (1896-1992), one of Israel’s most celebrated modern artists, captured his reverence for and connection to the land of Israel through his portrayals of its landscapes – from the hills of Judea to the gates of Jerusalem…