Moira Dryer | the artist

The artist Moira Dryer
Born 1957, Toronto, Canada.
Died 1992, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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TUNNEL' Casein on wood

Stripes and other patterned forms usually give her paintings organizational structure, but the works also rely on drips and pools of paint that lend an air of spontaneity. The interplay between geometric order and gestural freedom animates her paintings...

Dryer's achievement was to reinvest abstraction with personal feeling and emotion and to restore to it an expressivity that encompasses the objectivity of minimal and conceptual art. In contrast to the art of many of her colleagues, Dryer's is largely free of irony. It marks a refreshing and liberating departure from the overweening cleverness and self consciousness that prevailed during the eighties in New York...

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In her short but varied career, Moira Dryer produced paintings and sculpture - works in which a fin-de-siecle irony coexists with a romantic depth of feeling...